Welcome to Rowdy's Independent Assignment

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I am Rowdy Bedsaul. I am an electrical engineering student, graduating in spring 2020. I chose to be an engineer because I've always been interested at make new things. Electrical engineering in particular interested me because I am good at thinking Through electric problems. Also, electricity is used in almost all products today, so it is a diverse field.

I have had many different jobs. The job I have done the longest was being a crew chief. while is was in the Air Force I crew F-15E's six years. I worked crazy hours, normally 12 hours day and often longer. But I had tones of fun and learned a lot. What actually made the job great wasn't the awesome work we were doing, but the craziness we did to coupe with the stress. But I really hated being dirty, with grease and air craft grime for six years.

Interesting Classes I've Taken

  1. Dif e-q's
  2. American Lit 2
  3. Logic Circuits
  4. Circuit Analisis

Club Website
Benjamin Franklin Scholars ids.chass.ncsu.edu/dual/franklin.php
NCSU IEEE ewh.ieee.org/sb/nc/ncsu/