Welcome! I slept on a funky fold-out couch last night and now I have a terrible crick in my back, so do not test my patience.

My name is Ryan Carr. My major is Aerospace Engineering. I chose that major because I took an aptitude test that suggested it would be a good fit for me. In addition, it is widely considered the hardest engineering major and requires the highest GPA to get accepted into, so I picked it to inflate my ego by being better than most people jsut by mentioning my major. I know that these reasons are really bad, considering that I do not think making a screw for an airplane I don't care about would be very fulfilling. But alas, such is the system in America where we force the youth to pick "useful" careers at the expense of their humanity. Just kidding, the fault lies within myself. life is a journey and I will find some cool stuff to do that fits my purpose.

My favorite hobby is flow, skilltoys, etc. My main jam is Kendama, a Japanese cup-and-ball game that has been around for centuries. It requires monstrous amounts of hand-eye coordination and focus, so it also trains patience and persistence. Because each trick is very hard to learn, the reward feels that much greater when the player succeeds. THe rush of landing a new or difficult trick is quite addicting. Unfortunately, I played too much right-handed Kendama so now I am disproportionately skilled, so I am practicing lefty now. Also, the continuous play on the right side began to twist my ribs towards the right, creating discomfort when I breathe, so I am trying to reverse that process by playing lefty. I also juggle, which is pretty ambidexterous.

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    How to Make Lily's Aristocrat Pizza
  1. Mix the special dough from scrath, being sure to include a touch of delicous honey for a sweet taste
  2. Toss the pizza!
  3. Delicately prepare the succulent but not acidic sauce
  4. Sprinkle the perfect amount of fresh Mozarella
  5. Add red potato, onion, and sausage
  6. Bake up and enjoy
Class Grade
E 115 S
MAE 206 B+
MA 242 A
RIP this amazing kendama. Never forget the lunar flips