Welcome to my website!

Hello my name is Ryan Eckard. I am a freshman at NCSU in engineering. I am currently thinking about many majors in the engineering department. I am interested in computer science, electrical engineering and computer engineering because of my love for technology. On the other had I also like to build things, at home I worked on many projects such as a tree house, play set, fire pit and French drains; this has sparked my interest in civil engineering.

My favourite hobby is playing lacrosse. I have played since the 6th grade. My friend Zane was the one who first introduced me to the sport. His father coached us for five years while we played for a city team. I wish I had more time to play in college but with a packed schedule I can no longer play on an organized team.

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    This is how to make a meatball sub

  1. Gather ingredients
  2. Cook meatballs
  3. Mix in sauce with meatballs
  4. Spoon meatballs on to sub and add favourite cheese
  5. Eat and enjoy

    1. Class Grade
      Calc 1 B+
      Chem 101 A-
      Volleyball S

      This is a picture of Lacrosse