Hi im Reece Nuxoll, and this is my Pawn Shop!

Paragraph One

My name is Reece Nuxoll. I am a rising sophomore with Engineering intent. The engineering disceplines I am considering include Materials and Mechanical engineering because they seem straight forward in nature.

Paragraph Two

My hobbies include watching anime, reading manga, playing League of Legends, and hanging out with friends. I enjoy excersize in the form of weight lifting and running. I am a diabetic.

Paragraph Three

My dream job is to work without having to move around the country. I imagine myself going to an office every day during normal work hours and coming home to spend time with my family. I would prefer that my job stay relatively consistant in the assignments required of me.

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  1. Weight Training
  2. Philosophy
  3. Engineering Academic Success
  4. Introduction to Computing Environments
Name Major
Max Electrical and Computer Engineering Double Major
Johnathon Civil Engineering