Hello E115 Grader!

My name is Ryan Quinn. I am a Freshman and I hope to CODA into Industrial Engineering. I have chosen this major because I like how they get to work on the big picture on work projects. I would also have a wide variety of fields I could work in and I would be making the world a more efficient place. As an Industrial Engineer I feel that my options are wide open.

One of my favorite hobbies is just being physically active in general. I enjoy weight lifting, basketball, martial arts, and running. I try and do one of these things at least six days a week. While I spend most of my time weight lifting I am staring to spend more and more time on the other forms of exercise. I hope that through out college I am able to up keep a health life style.

bunny but a ninja Here is my resume

How to Make turkey Sandwich

  1. Grab two pieces of bread
  2. Grab turkey and other items you want for your sandwich
  3. Put the turkey and everything else on one of the pieces of bread
  4. Then put the remaining slice of bread on the turkey and you are done
  5. Class Grade
    E115 S
    COM 110 B
    MA 241 B
    weight lifter