My name is Ryan Van Dyke. I am a transfer student, so I am mostly a junior, I think. I already have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in studio art, but that pays about as well as you would expect. I am currently enrolled in the Electrical and Computer Engineering dual major. I was drawn to these disciplines by their usefulness in the field of robotics. My plan is to complete my Bachelor's degree and then continue to a Master's degree and a PhD. Then I can be Dr. Robotnik and start building my robot army.

My hobby is dogs. I don't really train dogs more than the minimum and some cute tricks, and I definitely don't breed them. I just love having them. I have two dogs right now. They are both little mutts that my wife and I got from a rescue when they were puppies. They like to play around a lot, and then they get sleepy and want to nap. This is basically the best. It is snuggly and cute and I recommend it with no reservations.

the pacific gyre of the internet

I should really update my résumé to include my advanced html skills.

    Pizza Party
  1. Make the crust from scratch. It is not difficult. I like a super thin crust.
  2. Store bought sauce is fine, but add herbs and spices.
  3. Add cheese and veggies. Don't overload the pizza though. Less is more.
  4. Pre-heat your oven to maximum. It doesn't take long, so keep an eye on it!
  5. Cut it up! Use scissors. Trust me. Pizza scissors are the ultimate in pizza cutting technology.
  6. Enjoy delicious pizza pie! Basically, that's amore.
Course Grade
ECE 109 A
ECE 200 A-
MA 242 A-
E 201 A
did you think i was kidding? i was not.