Hey guys. Take a seat while I tell you of my wonderful life. My name is Raymond W. Black, and I plan on pursuing a double major in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. I am only a Freshman, but I possess the ferocity of an elder mongoose. Now listen, as I tell you the ways of the sandwich.

  1. Sandwiches are lame. Get a tortilla, we're making a wrap.
  2. Get some chicken, preferably cooked. Put it in that tortilla.
  3. Lettuce. Lots, but not an overwhelming amount.
  4. Tomatoes. Peppers. Olives. Seriously, put whatever you want.
  5. Mayo is nice if you're into that.
If you're into late French Romanticism, check this out.

As far as hobbies go, you can't get much better than Magic: the Gathering. It's nerdy fo sho, but it lets me satisfy my competitive side. Its a card game, if you didn't know, and lots of people of all ages play it. There are huge tournaments with thousands of people competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cards can be grotesquely expensive, however.

a magic card back
Classes Expected Grade
Calc II A
Intro to Psych A+
E 115 S
I don't know what this is for