Hello. My name is Randy Chen. I am a freshman in the Engineering First Year program. I felt like choosing this Engineering Major because it came across to me that Engineering might be fun and is what this school is known for. So that is why I chose Engineering.

My favorite break from school is probably going to be winter break. I get to go home and do nothing for about 3 weeks or so. This means that I get to hibernate like a bear for about 3 weeks and that is how I like to spend my time. Also, since it is wintertime, there is snow, so I can play outside in the snow and do various activities. These activities include Snowboarding, Snowball fights, etc. And that is what I do over my favorite break, winter break.

Ninja Bunny
  1. First you get dough
  2. Make Dough into Pizza shape
  3. Put tomato sauce and cheese on Pizza shaped dough
  4. Put pepporonis if you would like
  5. Preheat oven for about 425 degrees and then put in oven for about 15 min
  6. Enjoy


Class Name Expected Grade
Calculus 3 A
Newtonian Mechanics A
Badminton A