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My name is Reid Henderson and I am a Freshman here at North Carolina State University. As of now I am in the First Year College, but I have plans to try and CODA into the College of Engineering as soon as possible. I'm trying my hardest to be able to get into the program of Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Tissue Engineering as this has always been my dream. I have this dream because I grew up in a military town, Jacksonville, North Carolina where Camp Lejuene is located. Everyday I see the Marines who faught to defend our country struggling to learn to live with lost limbs and this disheartens me. I would like to be able to work towards ways to develop better prosthetic limbs to make their lives easier and possibly one day come up with a way to even regrow limbs as crazy as that sounds.

My favorite animal would have to be a lion. The reasoning behind this being my favorite animal is because The Lion King is my favorite movie and Simba is awesome. Also lion's live in a pride and their pride is their family, and the pride is a very close knit group of lions like a human family and family is one of the most important things in my life. Lions in my opinion are the coolest animals cause they can grow really cool beards. It makes me jealous I can't grow a beard like that and have it flowing in the wind while I'm running super fast and stuff. The final reason that lions are my favorite animal is because they are the king of the jungle and that is just so crazily awesome to me, I'd like to be the king of something.

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Class Name Expected Grade
PSY 200 A
ES 100 A
USC 102 A+
CH 111 B
EC 205 A+
E 115 S