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My name is Ryan Hess. I am a first year student here at NC State and I am currently in First Year Engineering with a Computer Science intention. I chose computer science because I have always spent a lot of time on the computer and I have become pretty handy with them in general. Being on the computer is one of the things I enjoy the most so I am hoping that I like computer science as much as I think I will. Otherwise, I would also like to do mechanical engineering and work on cars if I didn't get into computer science.

I have never had a job and I still don't because I like to mainly focus on schoolwork. What I have done is a lot of volunteering. My dream job would probably be to work in some type of design team that uses computers and CAD programs to make 3D models. I hope that one day my job has to do with cars or vehicles of some sort. I would love to design the chasis for the next luxury car.

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  1. Cultural Anthropology
  2. Chemistry 101
  3. Calculus 141
  4. E101

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