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My name is Rachel Witner. I am a sophomore studying biological engineering. This past year, I was not sure what I wanted to study, so I took a variety of classes to see what interested me most. I have since decided bioprocessing engineering is what I want to pursue so that I can hopefully do research in the field of cellular agriculture.

This summer I am participating in the Summer Institute in Biostatistics. We get to learn statistical methods of analyzing data from clinical trials. I am also an intern with the SOUL Garden. I get to lead programs, collaborate with other student volunteers, and lead workdays at the garden. In the fall, I will be a tutor through the University Tutorial Center. In my free time I enjoy running, watching documentaries, cooking, and sometimes just existing

I have only had 2 jobs, and I strongly disliked both. I worked at Harris Teeter as a cashier and as a server at a local restaurant. My dream job would be to be a professor who is also doing research.

Photo of Me Link to send email Link to my resume

Here's a list of 4 of the most interesting classes I have taken so far:

  1. GN 301: Genetics in Human Affairs
  2. NTR 301: Intro to Human Nutrition
  3. SMT 203: Physical Properties of Sustainable Materials
  4. SMT 232: Recycling to Create a Sustainable Environment

Here's a table of some of my classmates:

Name Major
Joe Smith Computer Science
Jane Doe Mechanical Engineering