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About Me

My name is Robert Keefe. I am a Junior in Textile Technology. My interests include reading, biking, and volunteering. I am a Brother of Phi Psi Professional Textile Fraternity, in which I have held multiple leadership positions. I also am a North Carolina Textile Foundation Centennial Scholar, and I often represent of the College of Textiles during University events.

I am enjoying a lot about CSC 200. In particular, I enjoy learning about the hardware involved in computers. One thing I have found interesting is the development of computer technology over time. Sixty years ago, the first commercial hard drive, RAMAC was released. Today, we have solid state drives that hold near infinite amounts more information than RAMAC. I am truly fascinated by the leaps we have made in technology.

 My Picture

A picture of me on my 20th birthday.

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Foods I Like and Dislike

Food Groups Likes Dislikes
Grains Toast English Muffins
Vegetables Spinach Tomatoes
Fruits Apples Oranges
Dairy Milk Yogurt
Meats, Eggs, Beans, and Nuts Steak Pinto Beans
Fats, Oils, and Sweets Chocolate Maple Syrup