Howdy! My name is Ryan Lynch. Welcome to my webpage!

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About Me.

I am an Aerospace Engineering major with a Graphics Communication minor enrolled in North Carolina State University. I am scheduled to graduate in June of 2020.

Why Aerospace?

I chose Aerosapce Engineering mostly because it runs in the family. My grandad worked at NASA, my other grandad helped design the SR-71 and eventually started his own company, my aunt was a pilot, and I was always told I was going to be an engineer when I grew up, so it just made sense to go into aerospace engineering. I hope to get a job in aerospace, specifically working for a company like LORD, NASA, DARPA, or Spacex (though I know the odds of that are fairly low), and then one day start my own company.

Class Course Title Semester
MA 242 Calc III 2nd
PY 205 Mechanics 2nd
GC 120 Intro to Solidworks 2nd