Welcome to MY Homework

My name is Bobby Rosene. I am apart of the class of 2017 and I am an engineering student with industrial intent. I choose this major because my father is an industrial engineer. I like floorplans and systems. I want to work for Sea Hunt.

I went to the Bimini islands last spring break with my family. We went fishing everyday and scuba diving. I learned to spear fishing there. I saw a great white shark and a sea turtle. It was the Best trip ever.

AETV Google Website
    How To Make Pizza
  1. Google Pizza Recipe
  2. Buy Pizza Ingerdients
  3. Follow Directions
  4. Take Pizza Out Of Oven
Semester Classes
Class grade
Chem 101 B
Calc 141 A
CS 224 A
E 101 A
E115 S