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Rui Zhi (支瑞)

Hi! My name is Rui Zhi. I am a forth-year PhD student at the Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University. I am researching at the Game2Learn Lab under the supervision of Dr. Tiffany Barnes.

As a gamer, I am curious about how the game fascinates people and the how the technology works in games. Video games bring me a lot of happy memory and make me interested in the computer.

As a programmer, I am excited about implementing ideas and applying knowledge into practice. I think programmer is the most powerful magician in the world. In the virtual world, programmer can almost simulate everything in the real world and create imaginative things in the world.

As a researcher, I am interested in combining game and education. I believe educational games bring a better way of study for the youth. I want to share Jane McGonigal's TED speech - Gaming can make a better world.

Besides, I am fond of travelling, running, reading, beatboxing, etc. I am also an amateur drummer.

Here is My Curriculum Vitae.

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