Hello, my name is sultan! I'm a freshman student currently studying in NC State University, welcome to my page!

My name is Sultan! I will be graduating hopefully in the fall semester of the year 2018. I'm hopefully double majoring computer engineering major and electrical engineering major! I choose this major mainly because I'm interested in it

My faviortie hobby is soccer. I used to play soccer since I was 4! I loved the sport because my father used to play professional soccer! I used to play in a famous soccer team in Dubai called ALWasel. Maradona trained that team for a season.

Youtube ICON My favourite last paper
  1. Get the Sandwich
  2. Get a knife and a Peanut Butter Jar
  3. Spread Peanut Butter on that sandwich
  4. Add some pieces of bannana to it
  5. Don't forget to enjoy it
Maradonna playing soccer
MA141 SSC185 FLE
A+ A+ A+