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Hello, my name is Sam Beesley. I am a first year student at North Carolina State University. I am currently in the engineering program and I plan on being a Computer Science major. This is because I have always found programming to be fairly enjoyable, and relatively easy. Additionally, a Computer Science degree can lead to very well paying and stable job opportunities.

My favorite hobby is probably chess. I have made several thousand dollars from being able to play chess well. I currently take lessons from International Master Jonathan Schroer. It's a very difficult game to get good at. It's also a game that won't be completely solved any time soon. There are more possible chess positions than there are atoms in the universe.

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  1. 1. Pick up a phone
  2. 2. Call Papa Johns
  3. 3. Tell them your address and the pizza you want
  4. 4. Wait and then pay when the pizza arrives

Class Name Expected Grade
E101 B
CSC116 A-
MA242 A-

White to move and win