Homework 5a Welcome to my page

My name is Samay Bhalodia and I am a freshman. I am a computer science intent because I am interested with computers and the software that helps them function. However, I am not sure about this major. I was also interested in industrial or mechanical engineering. This is because I like building things and designing systems.

My favourite hobby is playing soccer. This is my favourite hobby for many reasons. First, it is cathartic and helps me de-stress. Second, it helps me keep physically fit and connect with friends. I am also intrigued by the tactical knowledge it takes to play the game effectively. It is also a fun sport to watch.

soccer ball best news site
  1. put bread in toaster
  2. cut tomatoes and lettuce
  3. take bread out
  4. put tomatoes and lettuce in bread
Course Name Expected Grade
E115 S
Chem 101 B
E101 A
best player in the world