Welcome, I'm Sam Blackman and this is my resume!


I am currently attending North Carolina State University and I am deciding on whether to study Biomedical Engineering, Biological Engineering, or Chemical Engineering. I hope to graduate in 2020.

My Goals

If I complete a degree in Biomedical Engineering I hope develop new prosthetic limbs for people in 3rd world countries and make them affordable. If I complete a degree in Biological Engineering, I hope to engineering more energy efficint crops and help engineer devices to protect wetlands from enviornmental damages. If I complete a degree in Chemical Engineering I would like to work with DNA and work on figuring out the cure to Azhiemers.


Class Course Title Semester
BAE 100 Intro to Bio. Engr Fall 2017
BAE 200 Comp Meth in Bio. Engr Fall 2017
MA 242 Calculus III Spring 2017
PY 205 Physics for Engineers & Scientists I Spring 2017
BAE 202 Intro to BAE Methods Spring 2018