Randy Houdini Paninis

Welcome to The life of a Sammich man

My name is Spencer Clark and I intend to major in Civil Engineering. I am a freshman at NC State. I picked Civil Engineering because I aspire to be a part of a team of engineers that will build and design buildings more cost effective and innovative in the future. I also desire to build a building resembling a Panini. The Randy Houdini Panini Restaurant will operate out of this building. The best sammiches, yes I said sammiches, will be made by Randy Houdini in the Randy Houdini Panini Restaurant.

My favorite animal is B Styles German Laborador Pitbul Retriever Doberman Pincher. This is a rare breed of dog. It is know for its iron jaw that allows it to bite through iron. I feed it Paninis, made by Randy Houdini, for a snack. Sometimes I get awkward looks from strangers when I walk my B Styles German Laborador Pitbul Retriever Doberman Pincher because of its unique look.


This is my second favorite website

  1. Call Randy Houdini Panini Restaurant
  2. Ask for 2pac
  3. Then ask for quaudruple meat special
  4. Complete your order by asking for the special sauce
  5. Ride out on the 750

Class Name Grade
E115 S
STS 323 B+
ES 100 A+

this is my best friend