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My Bio

Hello my name is Sam Cynamon from Auburn, Massachusetts. I am a freshman in the First Year Engineering program with an intent in Computer Engineering. I chose to apply for Computer Engineering because of my passion for technology and the future of how it will interact with the natural world. I can't wait to learn all about how each component of a computer is used, and someday I hope that I can leave my mark on the progress of computers by making a revolutionary innovation bringing the world of nature and technology one step closer.

My Hobby


In high school I participated in my Model United Nations Club. In this we simulate actual problems and issues that the UN faces, and attempt to come to a compromise as the countries that we represent. Sometimes we are successful, and sometimes it ends as it does in the real UN with two groups disagreeing, and no real solutions to resolve the issue. As an upperclassman I became a leader of my club, as the first Vice President, I ran the weekly meetings and taught the new people how to particpate, and helped refined the skills of our veteran members for national conferences.

E115's Point System

The E115 point system is based on a pass or fail grading system, where passing is determined by the number of points acquired throughout the semester. Every assignment and test has a given point value that it is worth. The student then gets their points based out of the possible points that the assignment was worth, which are all added up. Normally the goal is to acquire atleast 700 out of the 1000 points, and that will earn Pass in the class. Once students hit this goal they are not required to complete any other assignment or test because they have passed, where as students who have not hit 700 by the final will be required to take the final to help get them over the hump to pass the class aswell. In the end it all comes down to getting to 700 points required to pass the class.

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Steps to make a great sandwich

  1. Get the ingredients (bread, meats, cheese, lettuce, mayo)
  2. toast the bread lightly
  3. place the ingredients on the toasted bread in what ever order you like.
  4. put the full sandwich on a plate and enjoy!

My Summer II Semester

Class Grade
E115 Pass
EC201 B+
CH101 B+
CH102 A+