Welcome to My "Favorites"

My name is Steven and I am a freshman here at NC State. I am planning to study engineering, more specifically electrical engineering. During high school my favorite subjects were math and science, and I took many engineering focused classes. That is where I fell in love withe the major. During my engineering classes I always looked forward to the days where we would work on digital components and build circuits. I want to expand on what I learned in high school here at college so I can continue to work with my passion.

One of my favorite things to do that is not related to academics is playing volleyball. I like to play outdoor and indoor volleyball, but I prefer to play indoor. I started playing volleyball my freshman year and continued to play all four years in high school. I was on my school's varsity team my junior and senior year. We won the state championship both of those years in fact. I now have two state medals hanging in my home. Volleyball was a great activity to take my mind off of school and to make some great friends and memories

Cats vs. dogs has always been a massive controversy. A majority of my friends have dogs, which I take care of often. I love spending times with them, but they can be bothersome at times. However, cats also have their own negatives that beings them down. That is why the instead of a cat or dog, the most ideal pet is a bunny. I currently have a bunny at home, and it is a great pet. It does not cause as much of a mess as cats and dogs and is just as fun. While both cats and dogs are great, rabbits and bunnies are the better pats.

My Favorite Paper
  1. Cook the bacon
  2. Chop up onions, peppers, and lettuce
  3. Toast your bread of choice
  4. Apply mayo to bread
  5. Stack ingredients
  6. Enjoy
Class Expected Grade
E115 P
Chemistry 101 A
Running/Conditioning P