About Spencer Freeman

Hello! My name is Spencer Freeman. I am an aspiring engineer at NC State.
Read below to learn more about my interests and goals!

My name is Spencer Freeman and I am a first year engineering student with aerospace engineering intent.
I have always had an interest in aviation and flying things so aerospace seemded to be a perfect fit. I am excited to learn more.
My greatest interests lie in aerodynamics, fluid flow, and propulsion. I love taking on new projects and solving problems and enjoy working in small groups to conquer challenges with novel solutions and innovation.

My ideal job would be in a research and development position at a prominent aerospace company such as Boeing or Lockheed Martin. I am, however, interested in start ups and entrepreneurship as well.
I am looking to begin an internship in the summer of 2018 in the field of aerospace.

Spencer Freeman Portrait

Top 4 Most Interesting Classes I've Taken

  1. Calculus III
  2. Physics 205
  3. Intro to Computing - Matlab
  4. Intro to Engineering

Clubs I'm Involved With

Club Link
Aerial Robotics Club ARC
Roataract Club Rotaract