Stephen's Week 6 Homework

My name is Stephen Hack. I am a freshman in engineering and I am interested in going into electrical engineering. I chose this major because it is something that I have been interested in for my whole life. Math and science have always been interesting to me. In addition to this, I have always found electricity very cool and therefore wanted to learn how to engineer things using electricity. My father is civil engineer, that is where I got the idea for engineering in general.

My favorite hobby is playing the piano. I have played for a little over 10 years. I started taking lessons when I was in second grade and took them until tenth grade. Now I just play for fun. One of my favorite places to go on campus when I am stressed is the Price music center because they have lots of pianos each in their own individual practice rooms. It is a good place to go when I need some time to myself.

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How to make a sandwich

  1. Get two slices of bread
  2. Put roast beef on bread
  3. Put pepper jack cheese on bread
  4. Put pickle on bread
  5. Eat sandwich
Class Expected Grade
Ma 141 A
ECE 109 A
AS 122 A