My name is Confidential Anonymous Person. Not really, lol. But it will be for this site. I am a junior who chose to pursue Environmental Engineering because I did a project freshman year that showed me this was the profession in which I could live out my long-held childhood dream. This dream was inspired by an episode of Reading Rainbow I saw when I was about six. This dream will go unspecified here; I'll trust you to connect the obvious dots and consider the more obscure ones something to be left for another day.

NC State has no legal or moral obligation whatsoever to facilitate Halloween "festivities". We have all these liberals on campus who beg for separation of church and state so let's give it to them ;-). Halloween has roots in a paganistic ritual surrounding a loosely "Christian" (note quotation marks) holiday called All Saints Day, and we as a "level-headed, secular" (again note quotation marks) university should not entertain such frivilous religious traditions.

The fundamental truth of the universe...but don't stop there.

Questions? Comments? Don't hesitate! (Seriously, please email me): Link to E115 site I have to put here because this is an assignment

I don't care much about college football. Five reasons why:

  1. I prefer to play sports rather than watch them.
  2. There are better things on TV, and I don't go to many live games.
  3. Generally, it just doesn't bum me out or get me excited one way or the other when someone wins/loses.
  4. If I did watch football I would probably watch the pros.
  5. I don't have any college football-player friends to root for. (Yea I know I ended that sentence with a preposition but it looks better that way than saying "for whom to root". :-P )
  6. These are my current classes alongside the grades I *aspire* to. (More prepostition defiance! Take that, English majors! Muahahaha! j/k, sorta...):

    Engineering StaticsA
    Differential EquationsA

    ^_^ Well, that was plenty of random information about me you didn't need, but hopefully it was at least entertaining. Just focus on the links in the middle of the page. They will be the most useful to you. God Bless!