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My name is Safa A. Khan. I am a Freshman. I decided to double major in Mathematics and Engineering, I'm interested in doing either mechanical or electrical engineering, because I want to make lots of money and I'd rather do these things than anything else. I also think that my family has always directed me to engineering while I was growing up. There's still the possibility that I may change my major, but I haven't told them that yet. hehe

I don't really have any hobbies. I guess my hobbies are watching movies, playing video games, and drawing/painting. I like all types of movies, but I mainly watch horror and sci-fi. I haven't had that many chances to play games and draw since I started college. My favorite game is Gears of War and Barbie Horse Adventure, which is actually really difficult.

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  1. Go to Pizza Hut
  2. Order a Large Pan Crust Pizza
  3. Order 2 toppings, pinneaple and beef
  4. Tell the Pizza Hut people your order.
Course Name Expected Grade
MAT-248 A
RES-104 A
SPA-205 A