Ghandi once said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." I have always believed that nothing is impossible in this world; however, I also believe that any change or impossible thing cannot happen without someone's initiative; therefore, I always try to change whatever I would like to be changed in the world instead of waiting for it to happen by itself. Welcome to my ambitious website

My name is Sarah Alenezi. I am an international student from Kuwait majoring in Chemical Engineering. The reason for which I chose CHE is my passion and enjoyment toward Chemistry. I have always loved anything related to molecules and understand the life from the chemical perspective. However, I am also thinking about minoring in Genetics. The world challenge of reverse-engineering the brain has inspired me to pursue this minor.

I am a tennis player. I have been playing tennis for around 5 years. I am also interested in playing piano; however, I am not a professional yet. Additionally, I also enjoy reading in my spare time. I usually read motivational and self-improvement books.

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    Here is a list of my favourite sandwich, Veggie Burger!

  1. Prepare slices of tomatoes and cut lettuce .
  2. For the the sauce, get ketchup and mustard.
  3. Get a frozen veggie burger from the supermarket and add it into the frying pan.
  4. Take bread and add the burger to it
  5. Add the lettuce, tomato slices,and the sauce.
  6. Put the other part of the bread, and then enjoy your meal.
Course Name Expected Grade
CH201 A+
E115 S
MA241 A+
CH202 A+

"Playing Tennis is my favourite hobby. It keeps me active and fit. It also releases my anxiety and stress. I am looking forward joining the university's tennis club. And I hope I could be a professional tennis player oneday". Tennis