Welcome to the unofficial page of Sultania!

Hello, My name is Sultan Al-Ismaili. A freshman majoring in Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University. I picked this major because I love the chemistry a lot. Some people say that chemical engineering has nothing to do with chemistry. But oh well.

My favourite hobby is watching movies. Movies are the best use of your time because it combines education and entertainment. I usually watch movies during the weekends. My favorite genre of movies is a mixture between action and comedy, like the mission impossible series. My favourite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio, he finally won an oscar this year.


My favourite Paper

  1. Open Papa Johns's website
  2. Click on "Cheese Pizza"
  3. Click on "Order now"
  4. Enter details and wait!
Class Expected Grade
CH101 A
CH102 A+
MA111 A+
EC205 A
FLE101 A+

Watching Movies