Homework 5a Legit, Be Impressed

Hi my name is Sarah and right now I am contemplating quitting college and becoming an acrobat. I want to breathe fire and juggle fish until my dying day. I was thinking that while I at NCSU I should utilize the gym access an d become as limber as a blanket. My goal for this semester us to become a rubber band. If this fails, I might major in Textile Engineering with an emphasis in composites because I really like to ski and with this degree I could design skis and other sporting equipment I like. But that is just a back up plan, we'll see how the acrobat thing goes for now.

My favorite break from school ever was a mental health day that me and my mom took last year. It had just stormed in Tahoe, so we decided to take a day off and enjoy the fresh powder at Kirkwood. It was an amazing day. In the morning there was fresh powder and in the afternoon we played around in the trees while the main runs got even more snow.It was the best ski day I have ever had.

Ski Day
    How to Make Pizza
  1. Go to Work
  2. Do Your Job
  3. Collect Paycheck
  4. Buy Pizza Ingredients
  5. Try to Cook
  6. Fail to Cook
  7. Order a Pizza
  8. Claim Credit for Effort
2013 Fall Semester Courses
E101 A
E115 S
Eng101 A