Welcome to my homework! I hope that you enjoy your stay. GOOOOO E115

Again, welcome to my homepage. My name is Sarah Sassorossi, and I'm a sophomore in Paper Science & Engineering, and I'm hoping to get a second degree in Chemical Engineering. If you ask anyone that knows me, they'll tell you that I love Paper Science. I was brought into the major because of its small class sizes, scholarships, and 100% job placement at graduation. But I stayed and threw myself into the program because Paper Science became my family. Most of my friends are in my major, I spend most of my time in the TAPPI Lounge, and I will talk about paper to anyone and everyone.

My family animal is a dog, specifically a dachshund. I have two: Riley and Sadie. Riley was my first dog ever; he's small, black, and is really calm and cuddly. Sadie is our puppy, and she is often described as "nucking futz"; that little thing will run for days if given the opportunity. Both my dogs are loyal, sweet, and cuddly. That makes them my favorite animals.

I go to Facebook a lot, but I don't know if it's my favorite
  1. Go to the website of your favorite pizza place.
  2. Click something like "Order Online"
  3. Order your pizza. Pick all the toppings you want, doesn't matter the cost!
  4. Enter your credit card information (then e-mail it to Sarah Sassorossi to make sure it gets through).
  5. Have pizza delivered. And eat.

Class Expected Grade
E115 S
PY206 A+
PSE371 A