Adam Short

Controls Engineer

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A recent graduate of North Carolina State University, I am continuing my education in the field of mechanical engineering with a specialization in controls and electromechanics

This site is currently under construction. Interested parties may contact me via email at The following is a brief statement about the thrust of my career ambitions.

I love control theory because it essentially maps the physical world into an encoded digital form and back. Controlling electromechanical automation is cool because if all goes well you just have to push a button! I'm glad it's not that simple though. There is a huge amount of data being gathered constantly just to work out the bugs with self-driving cars. Whenever I hear, "Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs" --H. Ford, I think of automation. Not only is it true about a given day or the course load at college, but it's also what control theory is all about. The whole idea of an enormous amount of cascading information from all different types of sensors being funneled through logic (that computer scientists come up with) to the mechanical control is fascinating. I have developed a pretty good skill interface between the electrical engineers and what I have to do as a mechanical engineer to make the physical world happen.