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11/27/05: Today, we gathered up all of our stuff from around the mountain house and I kissed my favorite place in the whole world goodbye. It was sad to leave those rolling mountains and incoming snow clouds! I enjoyed time with the family in the car and then we arrived back in Greensboro. I packed up in five minutes and then went and picked up my friend Stephanie to go back to State. Due to the large amount of traffic, I arrived back at NC State really late in order that I could further my education!

11/26/05 Today, PANO and my Grandparents left about two in the afternoon and I realized the partying was coming to a close. I hung out with the fam by the pond and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.

11/24/05 Today is my 19th birthday! How awesome! I have a birthday on Thanksgiving, yes! We left the mountain house and went to Black Mountain to eat with my dad's huge side of the family at Monte Visto Hotel. This was the first year that I had ever experienced a Thanksgiving meal without cooking it ourselves. I had a blast and then we went back to the mountain house. My last year of the teens has begun!! Oh, 21 where are you!!

11/23/05 Today, my family and I traveled to our mountain house in Blowing Rock and met up with PANO. We had a blast just chilling around!