Welcome to My Week 7 of E115

Hello, welcome to my Independent Assignment week 7

My name is Sam Taylor. My year in college is 2017. I would like to major in Biomedical Engineering. If I do not get inot BME I would like to stay in engineering and potentially do electrical or nuclear.

I currently work in the summer in Annapolis, Maryland. I work for a restaurant called the Severn Inn. Here I work as a busser and food runner. I make enough to afford extra expenses that come along with being a college student, such as fraternity, books, and extra food expenses.

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Most Interesting Classes I've Taken or Want to Take

  1. E 115
  2. Calc III
  3. Biology
  4. Bio-Manufacturing
  5. Statics
    1. Name Links
      Biomedical Engineering Society Link
      Feed the Pack Link