Welcome to my Webpage!

I am Stuart Williams

My Girlfriend and I before prom

My Education

I am a Freshman at North Carolina State University. I am a First-Year Engineering Student with a Computer Engineering Intent. I plan on double majoring in ECE I am scheduled to graduate in May of 2020, but I am hoping to do a co-op which would delay me a year to May 2021.

Why Computer Engineering?

I chose computer engineering because I have always had an interest in computers. The speed in which they work and the amount of data they can handle is insane to me. I want to be an electrical and computer engineer so I can invent the next big thing and spend everyday working on and doing what I love to do.

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus II MA 241 Spring 17
Calculus III MA 242 Fall 17
Physics Engineering Lab I PY 205 Spring 17
Discrete Math CSC 226 Spring 18
Fundamental Logic Design ECE 212 Spring 18