Spencer Husen's Resumé

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Academic Outlook

I am a first-year Engineering student at North Carolina State University currently completing a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Statistics. I expect to graduate in May of 2020.

Future Professional Outlook

Since childhood, I have always had a particular strong interest in computers. However, this did not include taking them apart to see how they physically functioned, rather it was a fascination on how they worked from the inside. This interest has stayed with me throughout my educational experience, and has led me to pursue a degree in Computer Science. I hope to work at a startup in the Bay Area of California as a software engineer after graduating, however I would be happy with any job title in the information tehcnology space at a startup.

Technical Skils & Proficiencies

Degree-Related Courses

Class Course Title Semester
CSC 116 Intro to Computing - Java Spring 2017
CSC 316 Data Structures for Computer Scientists Spring 2018
CSC 326 Software Engineering Spring 2019