Hello!!! My Name is Sydnee !!!

Welcome all! My name is Sydnee Callender and I am a First year Engineer at NC State.

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My Intended Major is Mechanical Engineering with a maeterial engineering concentration. I plan to graduaate in the spring of 2020 with a bachelors degree in engineering . I am currently attending the illustrious North Carolina State University for my undergraduate degree.
As an engineer,I want to help bring sustainable and affordable prosthetics to developing countries.I would begin to develop this project by researching suitable material to replace what is currently used for prosthetics and using a 3D printer to design a new prosthetic that will consist of two parts. The purpose of researching for new materials is to find a way to create a prosthetic limb that is more cost efficient and durable than a regular prosthetic. The new design using the 3D printer will consist of two interchangeable upper limb attachments. This will be more cost effective for the wearer as they will not need several artificial limbs.
Class Course Title Semester
Engineering Static Prob & Stat-Engr Physics Egr II Solid Mechanics Appl Diff Eq I
MAE 206 ST 370 PY 208 MAE 214 MA 341
2017 Spring Term 2017 Spring Term 2018 Spring Term 2018 Spring Term 2018 Spring Term