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My name is Sumner Dudick. I am a Freshman. I plan to major in Paper Science and Chemical Engineering. I chose to major in Paper Science because I want to work in a dynamic, expanding industry that produces valuable products for consumers and manufactures alike. I am interested in Chemical Engineering for much the same reasons.

My favorite hobby is reading. Though I enjoy everything from Azimov to Coleridge and most of the stuff in between, I really enjoy epic poetry. Vergil, Homer, Dante, and Milton are some the greatest non-inspired authors ever to write. Their epics have survived the ravages of time and the fads of passing generations because they speak to each reader on a fundamental level. I highly recommend these works to anyone interested in broadening their literary perspective.

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How to make a BLT:
  1. Procure bread, tomato, lettuce, and bacon, and mayo
  2. Cook the bacon
  3. Spread mayo on the bread
  4. Put the cooked bacon, lettuce, and tomato between the mayoed bread slices

Class Grade
E115 S
MA241 A
HON202 A

Arma virumque cano...