Sean Gagne's Resume


My Major

I am currently a student at North Carolina State University. My inteded major is Biomedical Engineering. If I do not get into BME, I will try to major in Biomolecular Engineering in the Chemical Engineering department. I am on track to finish in 2020, but I highly doubt that will happen. I would like to do a co-op, which means I would have to participate in a "victory lap." I will most likely finish college in 2021.

Why BME?

I chose BME for a couple reasons. The first reason is that I have always been fascinated with biology, and I wanted to do something to help people who needed it. BME would allow me to use biology to develop a variety of ways to help people. For example, I broke my tibia a few years ago, and I needed a titanium rod to be placed inside of my tibia. A BME had to develop the process and rod so that there would not be issues with it. This leads into my next reason. Prior to surgery, my surgeon explained the different ways to fix my leg. I was really fascinated with how the technology had changed. This made me want to work as a BME in research and development. I am hoping to get my Master's of BME as well.

Skills and Qualities

Course Title Class Semester
Calculus 3 MA 242 1st Semester
Chemistry: A Molecular Science CH 101 1st Semester
Fundamentals of Economics EC 205 1st Semester
Introduction to Computing Enviornments E 115 1st Semester
Introduction to Engineering E 101 1st Semester