About Stephanie Chen

Welcome to my Webpage!

Hi! My name is Stephanie Chen, and I am a first year student at NC State University. I am an engineering major, and my intended major is chemical. I want to get involved in pharmaceuticals and chemical engineering will provide that opportunity. Specifically, I want to work with medicine and healthcare, and be able to help others.

Before college I gained some work experience at Columbia Gymnastics in Columbia, Maryland. I was a summer camp counselor for preschool children, and got to organize and run fun activities. As a camp counselor, I had to make sure all of the children were having fun and being safe. I acquired skills of responsibility and working as a team with other counselors.

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Most Interesting Classes I Currently Take or Plan to Take

  1. PHI205
  2. STS323
  3. CH102
  4. HESS219
Club Link
NC State Club Gymnastics https://clubs.ncsu.edu/gymnastics/
Wine to Water Club https://www.winetowater.org