Welcome to my E115 Homework 6 page!

My name is Santosh Mathew. I am currently in my first year at North Carolina State University. After enrolling into First Year college I have know decided that I want to pursue a computer science degree. I have always been interested in computers and I enjoy programming. Computer programmers also make a solid amount of money, so that's always nice.

I would say my favorite hobby is to watch Netflix. I enjoy it because it doesn't require any thinking. I can just turn of my brain and watch it. My favorite show at the moment is Blue Bloods. It started off as just another generic cop show but got pretty intense at the end of the third season.

E115 pic fam\

Hire me!

  1. Get pepperjack cheese, bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and sausage
  2. Place two places of bread on the table
  3. Put the sausage, lettuce, and tomatoes on one slice
  4. Place the pepperjack cheese on the other slice
  5. Put the two pieces of bread together
    1. Course Name Expected Grade
      E 115 S
      CS 224 A
      ENG 101 B

      Picture of favorite hobby(Netflix)