Samuel C. McMurray

Hello and welcome to my virtual resume! Please take your time exploring each tab on the side bar to learn more about me. For starters I gained a love for computers upon coming to NC State. Oddly enough it was not even through a computer related course, but rather a philosophy course. Now I know you may think that sounds odd but this course was all about studying puzzles, paradigms, and paradoxes of logic. This led to discussions on Boolean Algebra, Predicate Calculus, and early founders of Computer Science such as Alan Turing. From there the fire was sparked and I started taking programming classes along with classes in computer theory. More detail about that can be found on my Relevant Coursework page. It started as a passion, but now it has grown into an insatiable thirst for knowledge in all fields of computing. The next field I want to explore is mainframes. Mainframes are in such an interesting and crucial period of time, and it is an area in which I would love to gain experience especially if that entails being on the cutting edge of the Open Computing Project. I do not know exactly what the future of mainframes holds, but I do know I would love to find out.