Sam Micol's Webpage

Hello, my name is Sam Micol. I am currently in my sophmore year at NC State. My inteded major is Statistics. I chose Statistics because I enjoy working with data and observing trends based on patterns that the data might show. I also like the fact that Statistics is constantly involved in daily life decisions.

My favorite hobby is music. I enjoy listening to music mostly and going to concerts at local venues in the triangle. Also, I have recently discovered a way to make music through programming. I have just recently gotten into programming music but I find it rewarding when I finally get the sound that I want from the code. For Halloween I am going to see Jr. Jr. at the Haw River Ballroom in Saxapahaw. I'm hoping that it will be an enjoyable concert.

Netflix Logo My Favorite Paper.
  1. Prepare Dough/Crust
  2. Apply tomato sauce
  3. Put blend of cheeses ontop of sauce
  4. Put Pepperonies and Sausage and Veggies on top
  5. Put in Oven for 15 minutes @400 degrees
Course Grade
MA242 B+
ENT203 A
ST305 B+