I am Steven Nugent, a student at NC State University. I am currently a freshman in the College of Engineering. My intended major is Biological Engineering with a focus in bioprocessing and and a minor in biomanufacturing. I chose this program because I want a career in developing medicines. My main focus is to learn to develop new medicines for virus like the common cold.

Favorite School Break

My favorite break from school was spring break 2009. I was a freshman in high school and the band took a trip to Walt Disney World. While in Disney we had the oppertunity to march in the parade that went down Main Street. I still can remember al the people who were there watching the parade. We also worked with one of the proffesional musicains there. Durring this we made a recording of an Aladin medley and that was put to a video. I still have very fond memories from this trip.

Favorite Website

logo NHL.com

How to Make a Frozen Pizza

  1. Remove pizza from box and put on pizza tray
  2. Read box and set oven to appropraite temperature
  3. Place tray in oven and put timer on for listed amount of time
  4. When timer goes off remove pizza
  5. Slice pizza and eat
Classes Anticipated Grade
CH101 B
MA141 A-
MUS 131 A+
ENG101 B+
MUS 134 A
Disney Castle