Sarah Poetzsch

Sarah Selfie


I am currently enrolled at North Carolina State University, intending to major in chemical engineering. My anticipated graduation date in May 2020.


I chose chemical engineering because I can ultimately go into any field of engineering that I desire with that major. I also chose it because I am specifically interested in renewable energy, such as solar energy, and even using photosynthesis as an energy source; chemical engineering seemed like the most relevant engineering path in order to work on that. In the future, I would like to work at a company or in a laboratory working on these types of renewable energies in order to help the world to rely less on fossil fuels as a source of energy, and to help the environment.

Skills and Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
CHE 205 Chemical Process Principles Fall 2017
CHE 225 Intro to Chemical Engineering Analysis Spring 2018
CHE 311 Transport Processes I Fall 2018
CHE 315 Chemical Process Thermodynamics Fall 2018
CHE 315 Thermodynamics of Chemical and Phase Equilibria Spring 2019