This is the story of myself, my favorite hobbies and other exciting things!

Hi my name is Sam Pruett, I am a Sophmore at North Carolina State University.
I just got accepted into the Poole College of Management, and my Major is Business with a concentration in Information Technologies.
I am also minoring in Computer science which is why I am currently in this class.
I chose that major and minor because I eventually hope to start my own software company.
I also really enjoy working with computers in general, so it makes a lot of sense to do these majors

So I have many different hobbies that I like to do, some of my favorite hobbies include traveling, rock climbing, and NBA 2k.
It sounds really cliche, but I love to travel, and I would eventually like to travel around the world.
Rock climbing is also one of my favorite things to do, I do it a lot more during the summer, but I hope to get more involved at NC state this year.
My favorite video game by far is NBA 2k and I have always been very good at it, and I guess thats why I really like it.
Those are some of my favorite hobbies and thanks for reading.

Here is my resume: Resume
Twitter is my favorite website, to go twitter, click here: Twitter Homepage
  1. Call dominos
  2. Order a Chicken, Bacon, BBQ pizza
  3. Begin to wait for 15 minutes
  4. Salivate
  5. Tip the delivery person
  6. Eat the pizza
Class Expected Grade
ACC 200 B+
MIE 201 A-
PHI 214 A

I love Cats and Dogs so much, I would have to say out of the two Dogs are my favorite.
I'm a big dog guy, definite supporter, my favorite dog is easily a corgi, I love those things.
Despite my staunch support of dogs I'm also a big cat guy. Ultimately I'm just a big animal guy in general.
I absolutely love animals, they are so cool in my mind at least.