Welcome to an Informational Page about Engineering at NC State!

Hello, my name is Chase Wagner and I am a freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in business administration. I have chosen this major because engineering as a whole is quite fascinating to me. Problem solving, team work, and design and innovating the world's future is exciting! Additionally, I also have a strong passion for business and am very excited to learn how a business is formed and ran.

My dream job is to own and operate a chain of automotive dealerships. I am beyond in love with new cars. Being able to combine my passion for business and cars would allow me to never work a day in my life. Also, I hope to own many other ventures outside of my dealerships and expand my portfolio to vast range of companies.

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  1. Thermodynamics I
  2. Piano Basics
  3. Anthropology 253
  4. Cross Training
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