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About Us

Prestige Tracking products started in 2017 with one man and a dream. That man was Hank Johnson and that dream was to develop some of the best elite tracking products the world has ever seen. Hank grew up in a small town just south of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. As a boy, Hank was always outside and interested in wildlife, especially bears. Hank knew from the age of 11 that he wanted to be a wildlife biologist and that he wanted to study black bears. As Hank grew up, his love of black bears never went away. When he was 17, Hank had a run-in with a Mama Black bear and her cubs, luckily Hank got away only missing a pinky finger and a few scratches. Still, Hank's pursuit of being a wildlife biologist continued. Hank graduated college with a degree in wildlife biology and immediately found a job with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. He worked with black bears during his career and quickly become one of the most renowned wildlife biologists in the world. Time went on and Hank began to slow down. It got to where he couldn't really do his job anymore and the decision was made for him to retire. Hank lived in retirement for a few months, but nothing satisfied him like working with bears. Overcome with depression, Hank tried to think of a way he could begin working again. Finally it hit him: what if he could begin making products for the field? Hank talked to several people and decided that this was something he wanted to pursue, and finally, just 8 months after Hank retired from the field, Prestige Tracking Products was born.

Our Mission

To make to lives of wildlife biologist easier and more practical. Our goal is to get every wildlife biologist to use our products.