Get to know me

My name is Spencer C Williams. I am currently a freshmen and I am undecided about what type of engineering I am going to do. Currently I am contemplating both Biological and Agriculture Engineering as well as Mechanical. Yes they are different, but I am a hands-on learner and like to be in the field working. Right now I am leaning more into the BAE field because I am very interested in agriculture and would like to help improve the market.

My favorite breaks during school are all of them, because they all are different, and allow me to do different things. For example winter break gives me time to spend with my family and cuddle up on the couch and just relax. while with summer break I enjoy getting to travel and experience new places so there is not really enough time to just relax, because when I am home I am always with my friends. Then again which kid doesn't enjoy any type of break they get from school?

My free time activities Netflix

How to Order Pizza

  1. Decided on what type of pizza you want
  2. Call your favorite pizza place
  3. Let them know what you want and if there is a specific time to pick it up
  4. Say thank you for their help and ask when you can be expected to pick up the pizza or for it to be deliverd
Class Grade
E115 S
MA241 -B
ENG101 +B
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