This Again

Seamus Williams, sophmore, ISE. My boss/mentor actually pointed me towards Industrial Engineering. It was what he had wanted to do, but had been unable to go to school for it because of circumstances. Since then I've taken quite an interest in it, to the extent that I decided I should make it my major.

Summer Break would be my favourite, by far. It's longer for starters, and it's not like spring break where schools do it at different times, so I can actually see my friends and girlfriend quite a bit more, per capita.

I'm not really partial to March Madness, don't care much for sports either way really. Although it is a right laugh to see some of these sports fans get so worked up over it.

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Sandwich Time

  1. Bread
  2. Salami and Pepperoni
  3. Mayonnaise and Cheese
  4. Lettuce and Chips (on the sandwich)
Class Expected Grade
PY208 B+/A-
CE214 B+/A-
PE101 B/A
MA242 B+/A-
E115 Passed