Yip Skiddly Doo

My name is Scott Allison and I am currently a freshman at NC State University. Currently I do not have a decided major but I am interested in several including Textile Engineering and Management. I am interested in these areas because of the tight knit communities and support networks hers at NCSU.

I am a giant movie nerd. I watch at least one or two movies every week and often go days without sleeping. Personally I prefer Netflix and dvd's over going to a theatre because of inflated ticket prices.

link to a website

Here's a copy of my astonishingly underwhelming resume

How To Subway
  1. Go to Subway and ask for ham on wheat bread.
  2. Ask for all toppings.
  3. Wait for your server to place the sandwich in the heater and turn it on.
  4. Tell your server you wanted it cold.
  5. Once a new sandwich has been assembled ask them to take the meat out.
  6. Once you get your sandwich throw it in the trash while keeping eye contact.
  7. Thank all employees and other customers and leave.
Class Expected Grade
Calculus B
Chemistry B
Econ A